Strabag Sues and Censors Transparency Website in Slovakia

A Slovak branch of Strabag, a construction company, has sued the website (translates as From our taxes, run by Fair-play Alliance, won 1st Prize App prestigious prize of Open Data Challenge) that connects information available in the Slovak Trade registry with the awarded public sector contracts.

A slovak district court issued a preliminary ban (preliminary injunction) on displaying some information available on the website, which is an absurd case of judicial and corporate abuse as the information provided is already available on multiple public sector websites including information on Strabag and its managing director, Jarmila Povazanova.

STRABAG is committed to social responsibility and takes measures…

…measures to abuse its corporate powers and censor websites that try to defy corruption and display information on awarded public contracts. Well done, Strabag. Joining Deutsche Telekom in corruption?

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Really it is Strabag who sues and censors? My impression was that it is a personal activity of Ms. Povazanova (although quite mis-managed, invoking Streissand effect in its purest form). And censorship is seems to be over-stepping of court competencies in the moment…

Author Ruziklan, 23:23 June 27, 2011

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