My name is Daniel Duris (nickname: dusoft) and Ambience is my blog. I was blogging in Slovak since 2004 to 2009 and switched to English in 2010.

I am very keen on all internet stuff and work at Basta digital, a digital marketing agency that I co-founded in 2006. I specialize in SEO, digital analytics and data integration/automation.

I am also a co-founder and former president of Cycling Coalition, an expert advocacy group that has been improving cycling conditions in Bratislava and Slovakia.

You can visit my Github repositories – I work mostly in PHP and Lua.

I am open to collaborate or work on interesting and innovative web stuff.

I am also open for speaking engagements on the following topics (in both Slovak and English):

  • SEO, digital analytics and other digital marketing topics,
  • cycling infrastructure / placemaking.

I have presented at tens of events in past years. I will provide you with my references on request.

You can get in touch with me:

Some of my earlier projects that I have abandoned for the time being: