Daniel Duriš is an SEO expert, a tech speaker and a cycling advocate.

Daniel Duriš

My name is Daniel Duris (nickname: dusoft) and Ambience is my blog. I started this blog in 2004 in Slovak and switched to English in 2010.

I am very keen on all internet stuff and work at Basta digital, a digital marketing agency that I co-founded in 2006. I specialize in SEO, digital analytics and data integration/automation. I have extensive experience with data scraping and cleaning. I also love working with APIs.

I am also a co-founder and former president of Cycling Coalition, an expert advocacy group that has been improving cycling conditions in Bratislava and Slovakia.

You can visit my Github repositories – I work mostly in PHP and Lua.

I am open to collaborate or work on interesting and innovative web stuff.

I am also open for speaking engagements on the following topics (in both Slovak and English):

  • SEO, analytics, automation and other digital marketing topics,
  • cycling infrastructure and placemaking.

I have presented at 50+ events in past few years. I will provide you with my references on request.

Contact me

Some of my current projects

  • Kid-Sized Cities – this collaboration with an urbanist Mikael Colville-Andersen offers interactive games for kids to plan cities to their liking. You can find these interactive games under Play link in the website’s menu.
  • The Arrogance of Space Mapping Tool – a tool to help people to visualize how much space is wasted in our cities.
  • Google tools – a various tools interacting with Google services APIs. It includes a reporting tool interacting with MyBusiness API (Google My Business tool) and Search Console API (Search Console tool) developed in Laravel. It automatically pulls data to Google Sheets for further analysis. It allows for automated Google posts submission and other automated edits.
  • Overseer – a digital agency system that includes invoicing, time tracking, CRM, business reporting etc.
  • Bicycle Master Plan – an app that allows to display any OSM data on a custom map. You can easily configure a map with bicycle and cycling related data in multiple layers.
  • Digital signage for companies – running on Raspberry Pi and integrating data from external systems.
  • EIA Scraper – European Union Environmental Impact Assessment project scraper, processor and notifier for Slovakia.
  • Air Quality Monitor – Open source air quality monitoring based on Luftdaten open source sensors.
  • Bicycle count – a helper for traffic counting. It generates easy-to-print PDFs that traffic counters can use to mark down observed data. It takes a CSV/TSV file and generates a PDF/table with all directions for easy counting.

Some of my earlier projects

I have abandoned these for the time being.

Programming experience

  • PHP – 20+ years of extensive professional experience, mostly Laravel framework these days
  • Extensive experience with programmatically accessing CSV, XML, JSON, PDF, DOC(X), XLS(X), custom text + binary formats, email (POP3/IMAP), multitude of APIs (REST + SOAP)
  • Javascript – proficient
  • Lua – proficient
  • Python – limited experience
  • HTML + CSS – proficient, I used to be also active in web standards movement