Old-school Slovak rap (hip-hop)

Yesterday, I was browsing YouTube and found some good Slovak old-school hip-hop tracks from the 1990’s. Nathan Lively inspired me to create a list of old-school Slovak hip-hop tracks. These rap tracks were released either under Zvuky ulice (Sounds of street) compilation or as the separate CDs by each band (Trosky, for example).

The tracks listed below feature strong beats (background instrumentals) and better rap (I have tried to pick those with better rhymes and lyrics). However, all tracks are about true lives the rappers had been living. Compare that to the most of current rap about bling that doesn’t have any descriptive value and doesn’t say anything about the world rappers live in.

Bratislava’s rap scene used to include lots of interesting projects and tracks as well, so possibly I will compile a list #2 sometime.