Simple Adventures for Everyday Living

Note: This is an article that had been originally published in the TenByTen ( magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine ceased to exist some years ago. I loved the article when I read it first. I have later tried to locate it to no avail. After some digging I found it buried in the I don’t […]

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Historical Aerial Photos In Google Maps?

I have always been interested in how the cities evolved through the 20th century. Urbanism and urban planning came to the game and changed the way where streets were built, what buildings were built and how public spaces appeared. Old aerial photos are hard to find, only military or intelligence agencies did some aerial shots […]

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Slovak Readers: Become A No Citizen?

Recent Slovak law against dual citizenship has introduced fines and a loss of Slovak citizenship in case you voluntarily throw yourself to the wolves (state bureaucrats) telling them about your other citizenship. So, I had this idea: what if you pretended to gain a foreign citizenship and would allow Slovak bureaucrats to void your Slovak […]

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Noir Adventure Game Idea

Pure black and white adventure – noir style – white background, locomotive (that futuristic huge train engine from the 20th centruy fifties with the large front light at the top). Black figure of an agent below it. Agent is the game’s main character. Agent boards a train, railway station disappears and train starts to speed […]

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New Pandora? Tips for improving is a new Slovak startup that provides you with (quoting their slogan) “Listening to the radio, new school style.” They provide list of radios you can add to your account and listen to via Flash player. If you don’t like the song playing on radio X, you can quickly switch to a different radio […]

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