Blog vs Blog Post

There has been an interesting misconception going on in the Slovak blogosphere since its opening to the wider audience and general public by the Slovak daily SME in 2005. The misconception arises from the understanding and use of the two terms: a blog and a blog post. A blog is [a] website that allows users […]

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How Well Does Google Cope With The Content Language Change

Have you ever wondered how can a change of the language of your blog posts affect overall traffic on your blog? How do search engines cope with the fact the content they encounter is suddenly in the completely different language? Is Google quick in indexing new content and how early does it find 301 permanent […]

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Hello world! (now in English)

Hello world – I have been preparing and writing my Slovak blog at since 2003.  In mid-2009 I slowly came to decision to either stop writing completely or (and this was a better idea) to start writing my blog in English. Therefore, this is my first post in English. Slovak blog was moved and […]

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