GAIM: compile with SSL on Linux (for MSN, Google Talk)

MSN (Microsoft Messenger) and Google Talk (GTalk or Gmail Talk) both require SSL authentication enabled when using GAIM instant messenger.

GAIM does not give you any error message, when trying to connect to MSN or Google Talk and not using SSL. Just run gaim with -d option:
gaim -d

and bunch of errors is printed to the console screen/window including the following one for MSN:
(14:44:49) connection: Calling serv_login
(14:44:49) server: gaim 1.5.0 logging in using MSN
(14:44:49) autorecon: hid error message while connecting (SSL support is needed for MSN. Please install a supported SSL library. See for more information.)

That could mean three things:
1. You have not compiled GAIM with SSL support enabled.
2. You have compiled GAIM with SSL support, but don't have libraries (NSS and NSRP).
3. You have compiled GAIM with SSL supoort, but don't copied libraries to proper directories.

Download GAIM (PidGin) sourcefile.

Download SSL support libraries from Mozilla:

Go to the directory, where you downloaded libraries and run:
tar xvfz nss3.9.tar.gz
tar xvfz nspr-4.4.1.tar.gz

Copy SSL library files to proper locations (system libraries directory):
cp nss-3.9/lib/* /usr/local/lib/
cp nspr-4.4.1/* /usr/local/lib/
(you can use /usr/lib/ instead if required)

Now go to Gaim src directory and run (you have to change /root/downloads/ to library download directory):
./configure --with-nss-includes=/root/downloads/nss-3.9/include --with-nspr-includes=/root/downloads/nspr-4.4.1/include --with-nss-libs=/root/downloads/nss-3.9/lib --with-nspr-libs=/root/downloads/nspr-4.4.1/lib

Configure should finish without an error - look for this line:
SSL Library/Libraries......... : Mozilla NSS

If the lines contains Mozilla NSS, then you are set.

make install

Now run GAIM and you should be done, if the previous steps went without the errors. Create MSN or Google Talk account and it should connect correctly.

You can try to run GAIM with -d option again to see, if there are any errors reported (look for SSL error string).

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am a newbie and am trying to make my google talk work under gaim. followed your steps.

small note: unarchiving the files, a little typo must be corrected in the command "cp nss3.9/lib/* /usr/local/lib/" to "cp nss-3.9/lib/* /usr/local/lib/" otherwise the command will return errors.
it seems i dont have gaim source file. (tried looking for it but cant find it) any suggestions? this is the section where i got bogged down. many thanks. best regards.

wrote diazemmanuel on 21.02.2007 at 02:57:32

it's working! tnx!

wrote {Jester} on 07.05.2007 at 10:57:30

@ Chris - Dont ask for personal attention. Post your questions in a public forum so everyone can learn! Asking not to get flamed is like putting a flame me sign on your back.


wrote B on 18.05.2007 at 01:38:59

Doesn't work for pidgin (SuSE 10.2)
SSL Library/Libraries......... : None (MSN and Google Talk will not work without SSL!)

wrote on 26.05.2007 at 05:23:04

I think the best thing for real newbies is perhaps to simply use Ubuntu and install it through Synaptic - once you've got things working you can start looking to understand how to compile your own source, etc. (which really isn't very complicated, but probably isn't something you should be doing if you're really new to Linux and your setup still isn't configured right).

wrote Bob on 29.05.2007 at 15:14:53

Thanks, your little howto worked nicely! I have an old suse 10.0 distro, for which I have to compile Pidgin from source.

wrote Rodrigo N. [web] on 20.06.2007 at 20:36:22

Do you have a problem with this?

Now go to Gaim src directory and run (you have to change /root/downloads/ to library download directory):
./configure --with-nss-includes=/root/downloads/nss-3.9/include --with-nspr-includes=/root/downloads/nspr-4.4.1/include --with-nss-libs=/root/downloads/nss-3.9/lib --with-nspr-libs=/root/downloads/nspr-4.4.1/lib

It's simple. If you downloaded nss3.9.tar.gz and nspr-4.4.1.tar.gz in your desktop, for example : /home/mark/Desktop, you have to change the directory /root/Downloads.

Ah,mm you have to download pidgin ( ), extract it (e.g. on the Desktop) and enter in to it by a terminal.
It' s all the procedure:
cd pidgin ##that you extracted
./configure --with-nss-includes=/root/downloads/nss-3.9/include --with-nspr-includes=/root/downloads/nspr-4.4.1/include --with-nss-libs=/root/downloads/nss-3.9/lib --with-nspr-libs=/root/downloads/nspr-4.4.1/lib
[Where "/root/downloads" it 's the directory where you downloaded and extracted these files.]
make install
Use Pidgin :)
Bye bye ;)

wrote Markon [web] on 23.06.2007 at 13:31:24

I'm using Ubuntu and I used this "Howto" to install Pidgin. I couldn't talk because I didn't had SSL libraries.
Later, I installed those libs and I opened pidgin.
But now, my problem is that:
When i'm gonna to open a window conversation, pidgin closes.
Do you have any idea about what it can be? Is there a missing lib? Something like that?

Thanks and sorry about my poor english..

wrote Lucas on 17.08.2007 at 06:13:31

why dont just install gnutls-devel? just type
sudo make install
and everything's done

wrote max on 13.10.2007 at 12:08:14

while make i ma facing this problem:
contact.c: In function `msn_add_group':
contact.c:1342: implicit declaration of function `g_markup_printf_escaped'
contact.c:1342: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
contact.c: In function `msn_contact_rename_group':
contact.c:1427: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
make[5]: *** [contact.lo] Error 1

wrote rekha on 16.05.2008 at 09:21:21


wrote ionut on 12.08.2008 at 10:57:58

wrote bahrija on 21.02.2009 at 16:50:09

Hi All,

I have installed pidgin version 2.6.3.tar.gz on mandriva linux.As per the steps I have gone through the steps.Also install nss libs and extractb it to /usr/local/lib.Now i run ./ shows --disable-nss error at last.

Same case I repeat on redhat linux on another machine.But it works.

Please provide me the steps to configure on Mandriva version of Linux.]

Thanking You.

wrote Ann on 27.11.2009 at 11:00:37