From Terminals to… Terminals

The irony of how we use computers.

When the processor time was expensive, there was only one heavy computer with lots of terminals connected for access. Then the personal computers came and suddenly, everyone had to have one bragging about their hardware, processor type, memory size etc.

Then came the internet and with the broadband connections becoming ubiquitous and using more and more web applications our computers are becoming only end points. All (or most of the) data are stored in the server clouds and although available as a separate machine, we are using our computers as terminals without actual need for strong processor or large memory.

I guess it would be even cheaper to have an actual terminal and using miniSD card or USB flash key for those private data we don’t want Google (Microsoft, etc.) to have access to.

Terminal services paradigm seems to win in the end.

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  • For many people computers will never be only connecting points. Yes, connecting points too, but the very specific applications that cannot be reasonably and efficiently moved to web, will be run on personal computers forever (i.e. as long as any computers would exist).

  • Daniel

    Of course, I am not talking about designers, architects and other professionals who require speedy computers and multiple monitors… More about what actually an average user needs (email, search, maybe FB and sometimes VoIP).

  • Nils Frahm is a genius on the keys and a very syehptamtic person! Great to see him being discovered in new zeeland now too. Make sure to see him live when you have the chance.Also your two photos look great, remind me of this project where someone made a sonification of birds on power lines. Did I see this here or on cdm or possibly both?

  • Daniel

    That was probably my loved tracks. But indeed, Nils Frahm’s concert was fantastic.