Slovak Readers: Become A No Citizen?

Recent Slovak law against dual citizenship has introduced fines and a loss of Slovak citizenship in case you voluntarily throw yourself to the wolves (state bureaucrats) telling them about your other citizenship.

So, I had this idea: what if you pretended to gain a foreign citizenship and would allow Slovak bureaucrats to void your Slovak citizenship? I am not sure if there are any particular processes in force to check, if your foreign citizenship really exists. If not, it would be pretty easy to loose the citizenship of Slovakia and become a stateless person.

You would then be able to apply for the stateless’ person travel document as Mike Gogulski did.

If you wanted to give up the Slovak citizenship in 2004, you would pay about 670 EUR (20000 SKK). I haven’t been able to locate the newer information.

What do you think? Would it be possible to give up the Slovak citizenship without bureaucrats actually checking if you had a valid foreign citizenship? Does the new Slovak law allow for that?

  • AIF

    I wonder how’d that be with travelling. As a stateless person you’d need visa to go pretty everywhere I guess. At least outside of Schengen.

  • Daniel

    Yeah, since you are located in Schengen, no Schengen visa should be required. Otherwise it could be possibly difficult (specially for US).

  • it’s interesting idea because of taxes but I guess it will make you more problems than positives and after all you will end up with some sort of temporary citizenship from some counry as refugee or something like that

    now I don’t have slovak “trvaly pobyt” and it also makes some problems with our stupid bureaucrats

  • Daniel

    I thought you have to have “permanent residence”, even if at the City Office’s address only.

  • officialy yes, but you really don’t have permanent residence, your address is whole town/city, it should be also written this way in ID card (which I also don’t have valid and have there old permanent residence, there is hole in laws which allows you to exist only with passport, but it’s complicating life sometimes)

  • Daniel

    Interesting. Similar concept.

  • by slovak laws you have to own ID card, but you can also by slovak laws prove your identity to police by passport (I did this at elections when they stopped me without reason and explained them law) and for applying for passport you don’t need to have ID card, but it’s very complicated and slovak bureaucrats explain law everywhere in different way, that’s one of the reasons why I have not valid ID card for these bureaucrats, nobody except them need it